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bu Bushels (UK)

bu Bushels (US)

cl Centiliters

cm³ Cubic centimeters

dl Deciliters

dm³ Cubic decimeters

FBM Board feet

ft³ Cubic feet

gal Gallons (US - Dry)

gal Gallons (US - Liquid)

gal Gallons (UK)

in³ Cubic inches

km³ Cubic kilometers

ml Milliliters

mm³ Cubic millimeters

Cubic meters

oz Fluid ounces (US)

oz Fluid ounces (UK)

pk Pecks (US)

pk Pecks (UK)

pt Pints (US - Liquid)

pt Pints (US - Dry)

pt Pints (UK)

qt Quarts (US - Liquid)

qt Quarts (UK)

qt Quarts (US - Dry)

yd³ Cubic yards

µl Microliters

Tablespoons (Metric)

Tablespoons (US)

Teaspoons (Metric)

Barrels (US - Dry)

Gills (US - Liquid)

Barrels (US - Liquid)